Clear Touch One Surface Restoration & Repairs in Charlotte

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Clear Touch One believes in exceptional customer service and integrity of our work. We go the extra mile with each and every customer to ensure the highest level of customer service. A Happy customer keeps us growing strong.

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Since 1984 as a Charlotte North Carolina remodeling company, the knowledge and information we’ve gained in the field allows us to provide you with a solid foundation when navigating your residential and commercial improvement projects

Clear Touch One services include remodeling jobs such as Surface Restoration & Repairs, Exterior Coating & Painting ,Restorative Cleaning, Day – Porting, Lease Make Ready Home Maintenance, with all of the work performed by employees of Clear Touch One company.
  • Qualified team
  • Affordable pricing
  • Quick service
  • Creative & Professional
  • highest level of work 
  • We repair professionally
The subcontractors we work with, have a long and solid relationship with us, ensuring that their work meets our highest standards so your project will run smoothly and meet your every expectation.

We are available to discuss your project at your convenience.